Lisa Eldridge olive liner inspired look

If you don't subscribe to Lisa Eldridge YouTube page you are missing out on some phenomenal makeup tips, application techniques and just overall makeup greatness.
Lisa's latest makeup tutorial is a olive green liquid liner look.  I created an inspired look. I tweeted my pic of the look and Lisa herself approves! I was in shock, she actually saw my picture.

I primed my eyes with Stila's caramel waterproof eye primer. The liner I used was Stila's Moss liquid liner. To give my eyes some dimension I used Lancome's The fab life eyeshadow, just in the center of my lid. Mascara Lancome's Doll eyes.


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  1. Lisa Eldridge is definitely one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube. She's always got such amazing looks!

    Yours came out gorgeous! really suits you.


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