It's almost here! the most wonderful time of the year...(insert music here lol) 

The Toronto edition of the International Makeup Artist Trade Show, (IMATS) is happening Saturday and Sunday November 12 &13, 2011. 
This will be my 3rd time attending the show and from my past experiences here are my tips on how to prepare yourself.

- get there early, shop early. Best selection of everything is Saturday morning. Most vendors bring a limited supply of products so if you are looking for something specific make sure once you see it, buy it!

- do make a list of what you want to buy because you might become overwhelmed and buy everything and overspend

- do bring cash! debit machines are limited and like last year they were out of order for most of the day and big line ups. Also, try not to use your credit card. ALL for the exception of a few vendors, if you use your credit card its charged in US $$ yup so ask 1st!

- if MUFE is on your list, check out a MUFE counter before the show and know what you want. Have it all written down on a separate piece of paper to hand to the MUA working the MUFE booth. You will move faster in the line and wont waste time standing around writing and seeing what you want.

- wear comfortable clothes and shoes! You WILL be walking and standing around ALOT

- If you can, bring some snacks or pack a lunch. Nothing worse than spending major $$ on overprice food

- bring a large water bottle! Makeup shopping can be very dehydrating!

- Do introduce yourself to vendors, tell them you are a makeup artist and/or beauty blogger and see what more deals and even freebies you can get, you will be surprised.

- Bring business cards, hand them out to everyone..the industry is very small and you never know who or what opportunity can happen.

- attend classes, you will always learn something. ALWAYS

- smile! please for the love of makeup don't be one of those "I'm a Makeup Artist or I'm a Beauty Blogger" snotty attitude < my pet peeve!

- introduce yourself to everyone, even if you have met them before, you will be meeting alot of people and it can get confusing to keep track of names.

Lastly, if you see me please say HI! and please forgive me if I don't remember your name, I'm so bad at names! < see this is why you need to introduce yourself lol

see you at IMATS!


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  1. Out of all the IMATS tips I've read in the beauty blogger's world...yours are my favourite! lol

  2. Can't wait to see you there! :]