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George by Walmart

 Walmart's George label is really stepping it up with affordable plus size fashion.  I can always find something when I venture to Walmart.

I went into Walmart to keep out of the rain while I waited for ride home and of course I browsed around and ended up buying a pair of George boots that I could not pass up. 

Black with a small 1/2 inch heel with buckle details at top and bottom of the boot. Wide enough for my wide calves! They reach right up to my knee.
What I really loved about these boots is the blue zipper detail that goes all along the back of the boot.  Not bad for a $35!

My other purchase was a George black coat.  Its very simple, tapered, single button and light weight. What caught my eye was the leopard lining with red detail.
The length is right above my knee. The cost $50.

Do you shop at Walmart? What gems have you found?


  1. ohhh i can't wait to go into walmart today to look at those boots! great post Ande

  2. I love Walmart and I Love your new boots, Ande! ;)


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