Fall Trend 2011: Feathers!

Feathers are all the rage this fall season, feathers earrings, feather necklaces, and the most on trend feather hair extensions.

The beauty about this feather trend is that is so affordable.  Depending on the feather, the color or the accessory, you can achieve a very fashionable look. My collection of feather earrings range from $3.80 to my custom featherband one $20.

Feather accessories are not something new but they seem to be everywhere now. 
What I've notice if that everything and what ever color goes when it comes to feathers.  You can add a color to your all black outfit. A few weeks ago when I attended the Art of Fashion and feather vendors were everywhere! I was pleasantly surprised to see  featherband.  Amanda creates beautiful one of a kind feather designs. I purchased the large teal feather earrings shown above ($20)

I wanted to put feather hair extension in but since I dye my hair regularly and apply a red conditioner twice a week my permanent hair extension would always be red. I opted to purchase a clip on feather extension at Winners for $6.99.
Will you be joining in to this feather trend craze?

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