YES! They're Real!

Benefit's They're Real is to date in my opinion the best mascara to hit the market.  The wonderful formula gives dramatic length, volume, curls from base to tip and gives a visible lift to the lashes.

The medium size rubber brush is flexible and has a unique round spiky tip.
The spiky tip grabs and coats each little inner and outer corners of the lashes.
The formula is the right consistency of fluid and thickness. I use 1-2 coats and my lashes look amazing, and yes people do ask me all the time "are they real?"
This type of mascara works well if you take your time and slowly apply with patience. If you are that type of gal that puts on mascara quickly with coats after coat you might experience that the mascara becomes clumpy and too thick. Slowly layer the mascara and see beautiful results.
Benefit is "known" for their Bad Gal mascara and for the looks and demands of this mascara I think that will change. Retails for $29 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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