Fall 2011 Nail Trends

Crackle, shatter, texture, wraps, art pens, bling are just a few products available for your nails this fall 2011.
Nails have become part of your outfits, a way of you showing off your artsy creative side.  Nails make a statement this season with textures and all types of designs.  I have jumped on the crackle bandwagon and have tried many combinations of crackle but grew bored with it. Crackle is very simple to apply, just put on a base coat, a solid color of your choice, let completely dry and then apply a thin layer of your desired crackle color. Don't forget to apply a top coat to seal your crackle!  I found with crackle you can get beautiful combinations and sometimes very awful combinations lol

Sally Hansen and OPI have come out with nail strips or wraps in which a thin sheet of already made for you design solid nail polish strips.  Again, very easy to apply.  Match up the strip to the width of your nail, apply on a clean nail and press down.  bend at the tip of your nail and using a nail file, file off the excess strip.   I found these strips are great for one or two days most, especially if you gotta do house work like dishes.  Great for that night out, quick and fast application and quick and fast peel off.

At Sally beauty supply store I bought a strip of Nail bling. They caught my eye because of the thickness of the strip and the texture of the art work and they cost half of what Sally Hansen & OPI where.  The difference of these nail bling strips compare to the nail thin ones is that you need to apply a base coat first and apply strip immediately. I had to cut the strips with scissors then use a hard nail file to shape in to my nail, next apply a top coat.  These nail blings strips lasted over 8 days! I love it and got so many compliments.

During this fall you will be seeing so much more nail art, just check YouTube and see how many videos there are for "how to" nail art videos. My fav is is cutepolish check out her videos, they are quick and simple.

My fav video from her is the water marble nail designs

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  1. First of all, congrats on the move over!

    I am so glad that nail art/designs/colors are coming back into focus! I love doing different things with my nails!