Beautifullybare Teeth Whitening

This past Saturday at the I'm so vain! Vanity event, I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary teeth whitening treatment from the lovely ladies of Beautifully Bare Hi-tech Spa. 

The whole experience was painless. I had 2, 20 minute sessions.  Each time I had to clean my teeth, insert the gel tray with the whitening gel, rest my lips aroung it, sit and wait.  A blue light was placed just outside my mouth.  The light was warm and very bright, I had to wear red protective glasses.  The glasses was the most akward part of the whole experience.  After 20 minutes, I had to remove the tray and rinse with cold water.  I was so afraid of this step because I thought this whitening system would cause sensitivy to my teeth, but no! NO sensitivy issues what so ever!  I did another 20 minute session and was so surprise of the results!
I couldn't eat anything for an hour and I just drank water for 24hrs.  Take a look a the pics below to see how amazing this whitening system is! I went 8 shades lighter!
Visit the ladies at Beautifully Bare at http/ or call 647-339-4959 or 416-302-8595

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