Success! Flat shoes that are not ballerina!

 I had given up and stopped looking for flats that were a bit different from your typical ballerina style flat shoes. 

A few weeks back while on a break from my vendor trainings, the beauty advisors team took a break, went to eat brunch and took a little excursion to the nearest mall.

We all ended up shopping like mad women because most of the stores had major clearouts and reductions.  To my surprise, Aldo's Shoe store had a rack full of flats.  50% off lowest red ticket price.
I picked up these 2 styles and only paid $40.24 thats with tax included!

I was very surprised with the service I received at Aldo's.  The sales person greeted me, let me browse, was aware when I needed help.  I asked for my size (9) and waited. She was very quick in returning and informed me that they didnt have my size :(
She offered to see if another store had them in my size and asked if I wanted them to be shipped to my home or store! I opted for the store and paid in full because as she told me that if I didnt like the way the shoe fit or look on I would just get a full refund. She told me it would take 3-6 business days to be in.  I walked out very happy. To my surprise,  Just a few days later I got a call to go pick out my shoes.  The pick up was also a smooth transaction, was greeted, tried on and they fit perfectly. 


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