Orange Lips

Orange lips are all the rage and of course I had to find that perfect shade.  I always hear my customer say "oh I cant wear that!" or "I'm too old for that"
So, when I hear that I explain that this is only makeup, it's trail and error. If you want to wear the trend of the season then you gotta do the research and try it on!  When I say try it on, I dont mean on the back of your hand but on your lips.  Everyone's lips are different, some are paler, pink, dark, red ect..So the color you see on the tube may not really be what shows up on your lips.
My perfect orange (coral) shade is from Marcelle Cosmetics, the color is Delirium #950.  I love these rouge Xpression lipsticks, they are soft, smooth, glide on the lips so perfectly.  They last and last.

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