1st day!

Just a quick update on whats been up with me. Today was the 1st day of operations of the new Beauty Boutique and boy what a day! I spent the whole shift just talking, playing and applying makeup! Customers where very excited about Stila and Benefit.

My outfit was very simple, just my skinny leg pants with a fitted blouse. Flat shoes and simple black hoop earrings. I wanted to keep it simple as to it being the 1st day and I needed to get the feel the boutique.
Also, I wanted to be comfortable since I'm drained and tired from working so much and so long hours.
Tommorrow, I want to kick it up a notch and be more creative with my outfit.

FYI: pictures will be posted soon!

I have a few haul post coming up, I just need time!
Thursday will finally be a day off and I'm planning on posting.


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