Update & leggings are NOT pants!

So, it's just a little less than 2 weeks until the SDM beauty boutique that I will be working at will open and going thru my wardrobe I've come to the conclusion that I'm in need of pants. I only have one, plenty of leggings but like any good fashionista, I know: "leggings are NOT pants!"

The one pair I have are black (of course!) with silver zipper details on the side of the hem and pockets. Reminder: (take pic and insert here)

So, I think I need to get myself
1. A plain skinny pant
2. Maybe a cargo
3. Capri 3/4 leg

Back to that leggings subject, ladies please, please! if you insist wearing leggings, wear then with a top long enough to cover your assets. Leggings are cheap so please once the color has faded, buy new ones.

I'm headed to mall tommorrow!

Happy Easter everyone!


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