Toronto LG Fashion Week - Anu Raina Show

My 1st time attending LG Toronto Fashion week and wow what an experience!  I was lucky enough to win passes to see the Anu Raina show from the the 
I invited my fellow makeup artist and partner in crime Emily Rosa from Glow Makeup Artistry to come along with me.  We arrived at the venue, Heritage Court, Exhibition Place around 7:15PM.
We made our way to the registration booth, gave them my name and got a designer guest pass. As we walked in, we immediately spot beautiful and fashion people everywhere.  At first it was a little intimidating just being there, I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure where to go, but of course we played it cool and made our way thru the madness and found the line for the Anu Raina show.  3 lines where formed, one for media, one for industry and the one we lined up was VIP designer guest.   Media was let in 1st, then industry then us.  Sweet seats for us.  The show started about 8pm and the whole room was partly lit with amazing ambient music.  The show starts and I was in awe of the makeup and hair on the models.  The hair was bedhead like, soft with some flower and feathers details placed thru out the front.  The Makeup was amazing! Smokey eyes with nude lips.  A classic but oh so well done. Now the clothes, the collection was so delicate and so Bohemian like.  The texture of the fabric looked so fragile, soft and weightless.  Click here to see the full collection.
After the show, we made our way out to walk around the venue.  A media section with laptops,  A bar, a chick cafeteria, and a lounge where you can order some designer pieces, sponsor sections like Barbie, Special K and L'oreal.
We spent most of the time at the L'oreal lounge where you could get your hair and makeup done by L'oreal artist.  We sat there just looking at the artist do their stuff.  As a bonus at the L'oreal lounge, laptops were set up for you to log into facebook and "like" the L'oreal facebook page. Once you did you got yourself a swag bag with some new L'oreal product. My bag contained a new infallible pigment 005 purple obsession and Voluminous million lashes mascara.
The whole experience was amazing and look forward to attend more fashion weeks in Toronto!

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