Spring Boots

Combat boots are everywhere and slowly becoming a hot trend.  I have been wearing this style of boots since the 80's. From Docs to steel toe army boots to browns.  Back in the late 80's and 90's punk, goth, grunge only wore these style of boots.  But now it seems to be more main stream. Seeing them featured in fashion magazines lately.

I found these boots about a month ago when all the fall and winter merchandise had gone on sale to bring in the spring 2011 styles. Bought these at Browns, Bramalea City Center.
The Original price was $248. Sale sticker was $69.99. great price right? but wait, as I told the sales girl, yup I will take them. She tells me "oh! they are also 30% off the sale price!" Paid $48 plus tax.

They lace up all the way to just below my knee and they are so comfortable! Been wearing them with leggings.

In my quest to find flat shoes that arent ballerina style shoes, I found these booties at Spring. They have a very small heel. and lace up just about to my ankle.
Been wearing them with my skinny jeans.

Will you be wearing the combat style boots this spring?

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