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As you might know I tend to change my hair color very often.  I go from light blonde to browns to red to black in a few months.  I bleach my hair most of the time to get better results.  My last attempt to go blonde did quite a number on my hair. Usually, my hair is ok with just one lighting treatment, BUT because I was on a mission to get all the red out of my hair and wanted to achieve a pale blonde, my hair suffered from the continuous bleaching sessions. 
I achieved removing the red but had major damaged hair.  To the rescue was L'oreal hair expertise, Toral Repair system.  I went back to dark hair (bronzed brown from L'oreal Feria) because light hair on tan skin looks great in a golden kinda way but I found makeup wise I was limited.  So, like any makeup lover would do, I went darker for more makeup color options.

Ok, back to the hair.  Once the hair was colored my damaged hair turned abit "green" and the split ends were so noticable!

The same week I colored my hair, I had received a promotional package from L'oreal.  As if they knew I had a hair emergency.  The repair system contains 5 products: shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, night repair cream and spray leave in conditioner.

I shampoo'd my hair and applied the hair mask for 5 minutes, let my hair airdry and applied the night repair cream went to bed.  I woke up the next morning with beautiful shiny soft hair! My hair had been brought back to life. It felt amazing, so silky! I have been using the system for a few weeks now and I am so happy with these products. My fav has to be the overnight hair treatment, it quite unique to other hair treatments I have used before. No rising out, just apply at night and wake up with healthier, shiny looking hair!

Look out for the new L'oreal Hair Expertise systems coming soon to your local Shoppers Drug Marts!

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