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Lise Watier Lip Stain & Lipstick combo

New lipstain and lipstick duos from Lise Watier are brillant!  I have been wearing them since we got them in store.  16 new shades.  SRP $27.

The duos are a combination of a stain, which is to be applied first. Let dry.  The only down thing about them is that they are tasty, yes! tasty. They are sweet! like candy. lol.  Then apply the lipstick.

Both products are wonderful on their own and are also perfect together.  Colors range from the reds to nudes. My fav: red carpet red.

Also with these Duos, Lise Watier has introduced a new foundation.  I has a concealer on the lid. They are very light weight and give a nice coverage.

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