Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Lips!

Many customers come in to SDM looking for long lasting lipsticks and the #1 complaint I get is that the formula is so drying to the lips.  I of course agreed until now. Maybelline has launched a new super stay 24hr liquid lipstick.

The claims vs my test

NO fading : ok the color does fade after the 8-9 hr of wearing the product, this includes after a few meals.

NO feathering : if you dont let the color fully dry you will experience bleeding & lips will feel abit dry.

NO transferring : again let the product completely dry before applying the shine balm and you will have absolutely NO transfering!

If you  follow the Instructions completely on how to apply, you will be loving this product.

Apply to clean dry lips, let completely dry (about 2 minutes) then apply shine balm product.

My lips pictured above I'm wearing a pink nude and I didnt touch them till the night when I removed the color.

The next day I tested out a bright pink and again I was amazed by the durability!

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