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Last week I met up with a girlfriend at Yorkdale shopping mall. Since she is a "non makeup" friend, I was not planning on "makeup shopping"

So as we wondered off into H&M, right off the accessories ( another obsession of mine) I noticed this beautiful multicolored wall. As I got closer, I started uuuuuing, ahhhing, and yes my heart started racing a little. It was makeup! H&M makeup! the section was just put together and everything was untouched.  I started to explore the wall and it contained nail polishes, eyeshadow palettes(shimmers, matte & satin), eyeliners, lipliners, lipglosses, glitter liners, liner shadows, bronzers(shimmer & matte), brushes, lash curlers, gift sets, and so much much more.
The prices range from $1.95 to $7.95. I did purchase one pallette which contained a mixture of matte, shimmer and satin eyeshadows. I wasnt sure how and what the textures of the shadows where so I opted for just one palette. Now I wish I had purchased more! expecially the matte bronzer pictured above.

I have played around with the palette and I love it! I still cant get over the price for these shadows. They are silky, smooth, and blend so nicely. I have applied them over eye primers and wow! the lasting power is as good as a pro cosmetic brand.

Have you tried any H&M cosmetics???

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