Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine BLOW DRY

Garnier Fructis has launch this new product to drugstores. Its a home treatment for frizzy, poofy, humidity unfriendly hair.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart
SRP $14.99

The Claims:

You could keep wondering how to get sleek, straight hair or you can take matters into your own hands. If you have wavy, curly or frizzy hair, Fructis Style Blow Dry Perfection is here to help you easily get silky-smooth, humidity-resistant, straight hair right in your own home.

Straight-from-the-salon, frizz-free look to last. Do you battle with your hair in a humid environment? What if there was a way to get that look at home and keep it for 7 shampoos?

(text from fructis site)
My daughters hair:

Classic full, thick,corse, naturally wavy, hates humidity, get frizzy, color treated hair.

Step 1:

Apply the Smooth-it Serum

Shampoo your hair as you normally would, but don’t use your regular conditioner. Towel dry your hair, leaving it damp. Then add the Smooth-it serum. It’s formulated with a protein complex found naturally in your hair that will tame and smooth unmanageable locks in just 20 minutes, instead of harsh chemicals found in salons. After 20 minutes, just rinse it out.

(text from fructis site)

OUR Step 1:

I washed her hair, toweled dried and applied the serum. Ok this serum sticks!! I mean its very very very stinky! almost to the point that my daughter wanted to remove the serum! We openned up the windows and used some frebreze spray lol.

The instructions in the package also says to leave it on up to 30 minutes if your hair is thick and corse. So we left it in for 35 lol.

Step 2:

The Perfect-it Cream is a heat-activated leave-in cream enriched with natural rice oil to help seal in lasting smoothness. This cream is the second and last step to getting that fresh, sleek, straight do. The leave-in Perfect-it Cream is designed to protect your hair from the harshness of blow dryers and heating irons. It then seals in lasting smoothness and conditioning for your next 7 shampoos. Smooth on the cream and start your blow dryer. You can then straighten and style your hair as desired.

(text from fructis site)

OUR Step 2:

Washed out the stinky serum from her hair, and applied the heat activated cream. The tube of cream is small and very liquidy. The package instructions also says to make sure you get the mid and ends saturated fully with the cream and to comb thru the product. It does smell fruity but it does not cover up the stinky serum smell.

We let it "sit" on her hair for about 5 minutes and we started to blow dry her hair.

I used a flat paddle brush with a 1875watt hairdryer. I usually use a big natural brizzle round brush and section it off to dry it straight.

According to the instructions in the package it says to "seal" the product with a flat iron, so we did. I used a 220 degrees flat iron.


The whole process took about 1 1/2 hours long, which is how long it would usually take blow drying her hair straight and flat ironing.

So, we noticed that the hair did dry faster. It also dried without any frizz, and no "kinks" in her hair. It was straight! But the true test would be the next morning. Every morning my daughter plugs in the flat iron to take out the wave of her hair.

But not the morning after!! She HAD straight, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair !! absolutely no wave, it was straight!

The package instructions Q&A also says that if you want to wear your hair wavy or curly, to let the hair air dry. It claimed to also give you the same results minus the straight.

This morning my daughter decided to wear her hair wavy and yup its true, she had beautiful, frizzy free, shiny and healthy looking hair. no big hair just right.
I will update this entry once she has by passed her 7th shampoo. Follow me on twitter to hear daily updates and more!

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