Day 1

So, I head out Saturday morning to the Heritage Centre in the Direct Energy Building at the CNE grounds in Toronto with shopping on the brain. Iam on mission today, to shop till I drop! and so I did.

I didnt buy my tickets prior to the show not knowing if I would be able to go both days, so I pay my $70 for a the 2 days. Advance online tickets were available until Nov 19.

Iam handed a large red paper bag with Royal & Langnickel logo on one side and IMATS on the other, and a program inside. The first thing that catches my eyes are the brushes. I buy alot of brushes! too many some might think. But, hey! a girl can never have enough brushes, just like shoes. The more the better!

Slowly but surely, I make my way thru all the vendors, looking, swatching, feeling, smelling, trying on, wiping off, overdosing with cosmetics. I am truly glad I came by myself to this show, nothing kills a makeup high other than someone asking if you are done.

I tend to linger over Kryolan Proffessional Makeup, I want it all! but just end up buying a dry 5 blush palette, Shades eyeshadow palette in Paris (purples) and a iridescent cream makeup sparkle wheel #1 (brights).

I move on, and notice a big lineup. Make Up For Ever (mufe) is busy, too busy. So, I just do a look and run sorta walk thru. I think to myself, keep walking you can get some Mufe later at shoppers with a nice discount ! lol

I stop and admire the Ben Nye Makeup, take a few free samples of their cream matte foundation. Chat abit with the lovely counter lady but Iam annoyed that I must go and hunt down the products and prices to other vendors (distributors) at the show. I end up buying nothing from Ben Nye.

A shiny big box catches my attention, I stop. Iam standing in front of Nigel Beauty Emporium. They have Proffessional Makeup Cases. Nice cases in pink, black, silver, soft cases and hard cases. Small cases, medium cases and big cases with wheels! I inspect, open, feel, image my makeup in it. I ask "how much?" and point to the big silver case. The man answers, 2 hundred. I walk away.
I go over to Auraline Beauty Private Label Cosmetics, they have mostly everything you can find on ebay or Costal scents cosmetics but without any company logo on the products. I buy a liquid foundation, a 6 lip custom lip palette, spatulas, silica setting powder and gel liners.

I cant get that case outta my head, so I walk back to Nigels. I noticed only but a small soft case and a my silver case(noticed I said mine) are only left. I ask the man "will you be having more cases tommorrow?" He responds, "no my dear! we didnt think we would sell out so fast! what we have left is what you see" I BUY THE CASE.

I make my way up to the west stage and grab a seat to watch the student competition of beauty/fantasy presentation and award show. I am left with my mouth wide openned in awe with such talent. Truly talented Makeup Artists. The winner were : 1st Place: Elizabeth McLeod, 2nd Place: Renata D Thomasis, 3rd Place: Meiko Kato.

I wanted to catch Enkore's Class on pigments. The Program states 3pm Naked Cosmetics ~ Koren Zander (Enkore) ~ "wonders of pigments", so I head over to the main stage. The Class starts around 3:15.

Enkore is very animated, friendly, and charismatic. His smile just lit up the stage. I found his class very entertaining and educational. His model for the class was the beautiful Elessa, Pursebuzz on youtube. Iam amazed with all the versatility pigments have. I head over to Naked Cosmetics, I buy the urban rustic set and the matte eye base.

I also buy some random tools, like large powder puffs, brush cleanser, and 2 Alcone Proffesional makeup concealer palettes. I do one more walk thru and stop at the Makeup Artist Magazine booth and subscribe to the magazine. I get the newest issue with Dakota Fanning as Twilight: New Moon's Jane on the cover. Iam exhausted and anxious for day 2 of Imats. so far the experience has been great as promised!

xoxo Ande

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