The Makeup Show 2007 Nov 10 &11

The 2007 Canadian Makeup show

Hello !

On Nov 10th and 11th, I attended the Canadian Makeup Show that was held at the Kool haus in Toronto.

Let me tell ya! i have been in the industry for 10 years now and as soon as i walked in i felt overwhelmed! makeup everywhere!! I was in Makeup heaven! makeup booths everywhere, makeup artist everywhere!

I arrived around 10:30am, registered and got my big CMS bag and made my way over to the booths and spoke to many many artist regarding products, techniques, signed up to many companies, got some freebies and discounts!

My first day i just walked and talked to as many people that I could, I had major info overload but it was so much fun.

Some notable people that i met that day are:

Sharon Gault aka "Mama Makeup" featured in the film TRUTH OR DARE starring Madonna.

Michele D

Michele D. has been an industry professional artist for over 20 years and actively sought as an international makeup guest educator & cosmetic buying delegate. Michele's company 'beautycrew' is pleased to announce their studio opening in Vaughan and business opportunities for students & makeup artists with her signature line called mi~makeup workshop 'custom cosmetics' and associated lines such as Lord & Berry Makeup and Nixie Cosmetics. Michele truely believes and represents the concept of 'beauty should be's that simple.

I attended a few seminars

The Portfolio and Marketing Workshop
Presented By: The Powder Group
Speaker: Michael DeVellis.
Downsize Your Kit Without Losing Quality and Selection
Presented By: yaby cosmetics
Speaker: Elizabeth Yu


Sunday was a little less crowded and again made my way thru the booths gathering more info, and attended more seminars.

Keynote Speaker on the main stage Sharon Gault

Presented By: beautycrew Canada
Speaker: Michele D
Flawless Beauty ( I was the model for this seminar!)
Presented By: Inglot Canada
Speaker: April Thibault

Overall the show was a complete success, I enjoyed myself and learned more about the cosmetic industry. I met alot of wonderful talented people and ran into a few "Iam a Makeup artist" attitude girls. so much fun!!


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