Visited TOPSHOP Yorkdale a few weeks ago to see what the whole fuss was about.  The shop is quite impressive. 2 floors, bottom TOP man and above TOP women.  Staff was very friendly and plenty.  Great visual displays and the outfits merchandised all on trend.  I found the "style" of the shop to be a mixture of H&M and Forever21.  The difference being the price tag, a little and sometimes alot more then above named stores.

The accessories where a little too pricey for me. Handbags were gorgeous, but what caught my eyes were the shoes! A great selection of flat booties and all reasonably priced.

The down side of TOPSHOP was the sizing, of course no plus sizes and the large is probably a medium in most regular stores. I guess you either buy at the shop and don't eat?

They also have a makeup line which was OK, great nail polish color selection. Below are some pics of the makeup line I took. I didn't buy anything because nothing really stood out for me.

Have you visited TOPSHOP? What did you think? Have you tried the makeup line?

"I live, breathe, play and work within the Beauty industry.  I Love Makeup and Fashion!"

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