Today I will be attending LG Toronto Fashion Week. I'm attending the 7:30 ANU RAINA show. I'm super excited and a little nervous, I've never been to a LGFW event before so I don't really know what to expect. Emily from Glow Makeup Artistry will be tagging along with me so I know we I will be having an awesome evening. I hope the Raina collection has some black pieces lol!

Also, I'm trying out a new way of blogging. I'm trying out this iPhone app. If I like it, you will be seeing alot of random shopping post!

"I live, breathe, play and work within the Beauty industry.  I Love Makeup and Fashion!"

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so glad you are blogging! LOVE the title btw!

Can I be super jealous that you were at LGFW? *sigh*

Anyhoo, just stopping by to say hello-I will be reading, keep the posts coming!