"Caitlyn Jenner has fearlessly shared her transition with the world, and her new M∙A∙C collection continues that mission, proudly championing All Ages, All Races, and All Sexes. Elegant, classic shades for lips, eyes and cheeks are beautifully suited for those who embrace life, in whatever form they choose"

Authentic Red deep red (cremesheen) Rockit! 
mid-tone beige (cremesheen) 
SRP: $17.00 US/$21.00 CAD

Beautifully Bare mid-tone beige 
Kindness gold Tolerance mid-tone purple 
SRP: $21.00 US/$24.00 CAD

Whirl dirty rose Soar mid-tone pinkish brown 
SRP: $17.50 US/$21.00 CAD

 Glowing Gold metallic gold (veluxe pearl) 
Malibu Bronze ash brown with bronze (veluxe pearl)
Worthy rich plum (velvet)  
SRP: $16.00 US/$19.00 CAD
#30 Lash 
SRP: $17.00 US/$20.00 CAD
Teddy intense bronze 
SRP: $17.00 US/$20.00 CAD
Compassion cool brown 
SRP: $33.00 US/$38.00 CAD

Buddy mid-tone peach/bronze 
SRP: $29.00 US/$34.00 CAD
Understanding hot red (cremesheen) 
SRP: $17.00 US/$21.00 CAD

AVAILABLE North America January 5, 2017 on maccosmetics.com INTERNATIONAL January 2017 on maccosmetics.com 

*press images provided by mac cosmetics 


"Hydration so powerful, women say they worry less about signs of aging"

Biotherm has the newest daily moisturizer that promises to deliver a PLUMPING SMOOTHING MOISTURIZER that will keep your skin hydrated for morning to evening!

BIOTHERM AQUASOURCE EVERPLUMP MOISTURIZER is this highly dense gel, with such a unique texture that is so plumping that even fine lines are instantly smoothed away.

EVERPLUM is Full of moisture which replenishes and strengthened the skin.

The gel like texture is loaded with twice the active ingredients vs. Biotherm regular moisturizer.
It contains the natural Hyaluronic Acid plumper born from aquatic biology, Blue Hyaluron™ mixed with glycerine and further hydrating actives that penetrate the skin fast amazing hydration to the skin.

In 1 week skin feels smoother
Fully Hydrated from morning to evening
In 4 weeks skin is so plumping, even fine lines are pushed away.

YES! Can we please put this all over! this EVERPLUMP moisturizer is truly magical. The texture is so soothing and penetrates right into the skin. This is a water in oil based moisturizer that delivers! NO sticky residue and works like a primer with the smoothing of fine lines and pores.


*PR sample sent for consideration

26 Top Beauty Bloggers Reveal Their #1 Favorite Skincare Brand

26 Top Beauty Bloggers Reveal Their #1 Favorite Skincare Brand
25 Top Beauty

I was featured on the skincare by Alana blog! Read all about my skincare favourites! Take a look at what other skincare Pros recommend.

26 Top Beauty Bloggers Reveal Their #1 Favorite Skincare Brand

*"Hello, Beauty Mates! I am SO excited to share today’s post with you. I scoured the web and found 25 beauty bloggers / dermatologists and asked them to dish on their number one favorite skincare brand. PLUS I share my favorite brand down below (making 26!). When it comes to skincare I always like to look towards the experts for discovering the latest and greatest, and am hopeful that you will find some great product lines to try in this blog post!! Enjoy!" read more 

Ande Garcia –  website // twitter 
Ande Garcia~ Canadian Beauty Blogger, Beauty Expert, Skincare Specialist, Makeup Artist & Fashion addict.
“My top skin care brands are brands that contain the best quality and highest percentages of active ingredients like 10% glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid and peptides. A Brand like Filorga is always at the top of my list.
A few of My favourites include:
Cleansers/makeup removers: BIOTHERM Balm-to-Oil Deep Cleanser and makeup remover and PhilosophyPurity Cleanser

Eye creams: Vasanti Cosmetics Eye Wonder and Filorga Optim-Eyes
Serums: Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil and Clarins Double Serum
Face creams: BIOTHERM Everplump and Filorga Nutrifiller.”

*Text taken from https://www.skincarebyalana.com/blog/26-top-beauty-bloggers-reveal-their-1-favorite-skincare-brand/


"Urban Decay is beauty with an edge. Feminine, dangerous and fun, it appeals to women who relish their individuality and dare to express it. From our insane range of velvety Eyeshadows—including the bestselling (and often copied) Naked Palettes—to our award-winning eye liners, budge-proof mascaras and legendary Makeup Setting Sprays, we’ve been shaking up the industry for over 15 years

Empowerment of Women • Cruelty Free Products • Vegan Products"

Last Friday, I hopped on the Urban Decay party bus from Toronto to Mississauga with fellow makeup artist, beauty bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers to celebrate the opening of the 1st Urban  Decay stand alone store in Ontario.

The square one location is the 2nd Urban Decay store to open in Canada, the 1st opened in Vancouver earlier this year. 

On The Urban Decay party bus we were treated to some bubbly & sweet treats along with great UD host and great conversations with fellow guest.

My 1st impression of the Urban Decay store left me speechless...I mean this store is BEAUTIFUL! The details of the decor, the colour scheme, the makeup stations, the makeup setup and the staff..truly genuine and amazing. 
I felt extremely welcomed and the evening had such a great vibe!  the music, the lips cookies, the cosmos, the personalized naked palette station and the amazing UD makeup artist, truly outstanding.
The Urban Decay store in now open and is located in square one shopping centre in Mississauga. The store will offer the full Urban Decay cosmetics line plus exclusive products and services. 

We were treated to a special gift of our own personalized naked palette! Amazing keep sake from this special night.

Amazing displays of all the iconic products from the Urban Decay Vault.

Fellow Beauty Blogger Alana getting her Urban Decay on. 
With the beautiful Alana from Classy on the Run 
check out her Youtube channel and blog!
Even the bathrooms are beautiful at the new Urban Decay Store in Square one
Priorities: Hair Clothes Men  MAKEUP!! 


And voila! Wrinkles disappear! Ohh Botox how I love you...how I love that tight feeling, that, oh look! I have eyelids again...and yes I'm a huge fan of stranger things but I don't want the #11 showing between my brows.
I know injectables are still not the norm with us ladies but I see a slow turn around for accepting that Botox, fillers and other minor cosmetic procedures are the way to go now. 

I'm lucky because of my job and because of thebeautyblog.ca I get to try the latest and the most up to date topical creams that hit the skincare market and of course because of good genes (you need to see my family gene pool, we are a great bunch of awesomely good looking people) that I maintain my skin looking to best that I can.

Now, skincare can only do so much, especially when you turn 47, lost a crap load of weight, (sagging, collagen lost, fat keeps the face nice and plump) and hormones become all wack...yes I'm at that pre menopause early stages...fun...NOT.

OK, let me tell you why I love Botox. Yes, I know love is a strong word but hey sorry but not sorry, don't hate on it without experiencing it.
Botox is expensive
yes and no. I mean if you are spending major money on skincare, let's say you're that woman that invest on their skin with top of the line skincare products, no, it's not expensive. A skincare regimen can be roughly around $300 (cleanser, serum, day & night cream, eye cream) every 4 months. 

If you are that woman that only uses dove soap, no eye cream, and generic lotion (I say this not to be mean but the truth is I encounter this type of woman on a daily basis) have lines, dehydration and have put skincare on the bottom of your priorities, then yes, you will find Botox expensive.

The cost ranges from clinic to clinic, the cocktail of Botox and it's usually sold in CC units. Usually, the top gold standard Botox can range $15+ per unit.

You can usually find "deals" for $10 a unit but it usually a mix of Botox hyaluronic acid and a filler substance..so  "waterdown" injection

Painful and addictive
From my experience it's not painful at all. The first time, I felt a very small pinch from the needle but this time around I felt nothing. 

You can become addictive to the results but not the actual Botox it self. I'm telling you, the results are AMAZING.

You skin will be worse after the affect of the Botox diminishes.

This is not true, what Botox does is slows down lines from forming and relaxes the muscles. You are actually cheating aging time by not moving those muscles, your giving them a break. 
"Botox is a purified protein injected into the muscles that causes wrinkles, it relaxes the muscles, giving your face a more refreshed appearance."
The effects of Botox can last up to four months and will gradually disappear until the treated area regains movement.
Your face will change and you'll look frozen, weird, odd, fake, like a Hollywood wife.

Not gonna lie, this can happen if you over do it. So talk to your cosmetic Doctor, before and tell him/her exactly what you want. I wanted to look rested, not worried looking all the time (permanent frown lines) 
I felt I looked mad all the time because the lines between my brows were always there. 

My Experience
This time I went local and had my Botox done at a great new med clinic in Brampton. Laser Body MD clinic is located downtown Brampton at 160 Main st S and the staff are so very helpful, friendly and most important, professionals at their work. 

My experience at the Laser Body MD clinic was very pleasant and enjoyable.  I was greeted by the lovely receptionist and was handed a form to fill out regarding my medical history with a consent form.  

The waiting room was pleasant and I had minimal wait time to be seen. 
My Botox was done by 2 lovely certified MD nurses, Laya Hz and Darlene Esteves. These lovely ladies were very professional, the most gentle touch and made sure I was comfortable during my procedure. 
My face was evaluated and mapped out to where the Botox would be injected.  
The star of the show! The needle with the miracle liquid...Botox!
The whole procedure took about 15 minutes and I had no bruising. I was instructed to take it easy for at least 2 hours, to not lean forward for long period of time and to keep doing the same facial gestures as per usual.
2 days later and no more wrinkles and I my forehead looks so smooth plus I still look like me. 

I totally recommend Laser Body MD! contact them for a free consultation at 416-661-7878.

Any questions? Leave me a comment below and I will try to answer your questions as per my experience. 


I wore black lipstick and I loved it! 

katy kat perry panther, black lipstick
Fellow makeup artist and beauty blogger Anna from http://www.lashesandlipstick.ca tweeted how she wanted to wear black lipstick to the P&G Awards on Tuesday Nov 22 and since I was thinking of also wearing it, I tweeted back Yes! Let's DO IT! And so we did...the response was overwhelming.  

We had so many people complementing on how great we looked, Even Lisa Prass VP of Beauty at P&G commented on how she was going to suggest to bring The Katy Kat Perry Panther Matte lipstick as a permanent shade to the Canadian market. We agreed! I told her how my clients are always asking for it and how any age can rock a black lipstick! I mean in 47 wearing black lipstick and Anna is barely 30.
 Thanks to Anna for the wonderful picture (Insta stories)

Now key to wearing a black lipstick is to keep it all simple and don't add more colour to the mix with a full coverage foundation to really play up your skin.

The boldness of the black lipstick can actually be very flattering and softening, just remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple. 

Another thing to keep in mind is your skin, make sure you have no redness, and slightly do a soft contour and keep the face matte with added warmth with a matte bronzer. No blush. 

I kept my eyes simple with just a overall skin shade on the lids with a soft taupe brown on the crease for some definition and a dark matte liquid liner with a small kitty wing. Loads of mascara. Lashes look awesome with this look. 

Smashbox oil primer
Dermablend Pro cameo foundation 
Urban decay naked concealer 
Dermablend setting loose powder
Smashbox contour kit
Smashbox contour kit (yes can be also used as eyeshadow)
Benefit k-brow pomade #4
Kat Vin D tattoo liquid liner
Lancôme grandiose extreme mascara

COVERGIRL Katy Kat Perry Panther lipstick 
Nyx cosmetics black lip liner